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-A reservation date feet must be paid in advance to guarantee the availability of the professional and is non-refundable.

-Once the deposit has been paid, the booking size cannot be decreased. The booking is considered confirmed at that point.

-A credit card bond form will be required at the time of booking to cover any potential damages to the equipment during the hire period. No payment will be taken from the given credit card unless damage is made to items or they are not returned.

-Service available for Location limit of 25 km from Currambine.

-Will be charge $50 for distance up 25k from Currambine.

-Disposable plates and cups are not included.

-Minimum duration of party is 3 hous, additional hour will be $ 

-Online bookings must be paid in full at the time of booking.

The Client may cancel an order but may forfeit any fees paid as follows:
-If booking is cancelled 4 (four) or more weeks before the booking date , Sweet Date will make a full refund of any booking fees paid minus the reservation date fee deposit paid;
-Sweet Date have full right to charge the client full fees for services or goods that occurred or were purchased for the event before the cancellation.
-In case of bad weather for picnic or outdoor bookings and events, it is the client's responsibility to find a suitable alternate location. Sweet Date reserves the right to refuse to set up any outdoor event in case of bad weather. If it rains, the client may choose to set up a marquee/canopy at their own expense or move the event to their home. Alternative plans or rescheduling should occur 72hrs prior to the booking so no extra costs are incurred.

-Bookings which are paid in full that require rescheduling/postponement due to bad/severe weather or other reasons outside of both the owner and clients control where practicable, will be re-scheduled within a 3 month period. Rescheduled dates are subject to availability. The rescheduled booking must go ahead with the same terms (location, style, hired items) as before, otherwise additional admin fees will be charged. 

-The decoration items shall be returned clean or a $200 cleaning fee may apply.

-Orders can be elected to be either picked up from the Sweet Date address, or to be delivered with a fee. This must be stated at the time of your booking. Orders must be picked up at the agreed upon time. If you are late, you may have to come back to collect or you may have to pay for delivery/uber of your items.


Due to the nature of the design + creative process, we do not copy or replicate other artist’s work. We may use your inspiration images as inspiration only. 


The client authorize Sweet Date to use images of the party/event and/or people and children) in promotional materials print and online.

-The Client is responsible for the decoration items from the time of delivery until returned to the owner/appropriate vendor or collection by the Owner and shall pay for all items damage or loss however caused during that period. Damage waiver is payable by the Client to cover all costs associated with normal wear and tear to the items hired, the waiver does not apply to any other damage including:
-Damage caused by the use or operation of equipment in contravention of any of the conditions of the agreement;
-Damage to, or loss of, the equipment from any unknown cause.

-Cigarette burns on any furniture or décor items.

-Red wine spillages or stains on any furniture or décor items.

-The Client shall protect the equipment from the elements during the time of delivery, use, storage or waiting period before pick-up.

-In the case of the item being damaged, the client may have the opportunity to purchase the damaged equipment, however is at the discretion of the Owner.
-It is the client’s responsibility to check that all items listed on their invoice are correct and to notify Sweet Date of any errors prior to final payment. 
-In the case that a bond has not been paid, or the bond exceeds the amount of bond paid, Sweet Date reserves the right to recover additional costs to cover damage by any and all means necessary.

For the purpose of this clause, “Force Majeure” means an event or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of a party, including, but not limited to, acts of God, War, Rain, Hail, Wind, Fire, Explosion, Civil disobedience, Legislation not in force at the date of this Agreement or labour disputes. Neither Sweet Date nor the Client will breach this agreement and each party will not be liable to the other party for delay or failure to perform its obligation under this agreement due to Force Majeure. 

-The client agrees to ensure that any site specified on the hire agreement, will be clear of all obstructions to allow Sweet Date to erect, install or place the hire equipment safely. These terms and conditions are governed by the Laws of Western Australia and the Client and the Owner submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State.


These terms and conditions are governed by the Laws of Western Australia and the Client and the Owner submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

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